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What DareCrafts can Do for You

If you love costumes, festivals and conventions you’ll feel right at home here. This blog is a companion to my shop and will cover everything from crafting, living a creative life, my latest inspiration, new products ideas for the shop, background on me, my products and my crazy life.

Wierd People


Do you need that unusual final flourish on the playa or at the con? My costumes and accessories are all handmade by me at home. I am the owner, maker, writer, and model for all of the products you see on this site. I love to make costumes and have made my own for many years (check out the pics below). Figuring out how to convey an idea or create a look inspired by a theme or an era gets my pulse moving.  I’ve been known to stay up for days working on concepts.

Do you have a costume concept but can’t find what you’re looking for? Let me help you. I take custom orders and will work with you to execute the costume or accessory of your dreams.  Check out my gallery of previously requested custom items.

Why DareCrafts?

The current maker movement, the influx of festivals, conventions and cosplay are so inspiring.  The wild passionate desire to pursue self expression speaks to my soul.  I’ve always been inspired by the unusual, misfits, the hard to find, one of a kind and unique.  I taught myself how to sew when I  was four years old. While creating, crafting, and art have been my lifelong companions, I only dedicated myself to it full time in the last year, launching DareCrafts March 1, 2017.  Prior to the launch I worked in the corporate world for twenty years and ran a small Etsy handmade business on the side from 2010 to 2016 called First Sight Creations.

DareCrafts is the expression of a lifelong passion for making.  I started this business to share my creative costuming ideas with my fellow dreamers, artists, festival goers, cosplayers and misfits. Finally in a position to take the gigantic leap and devote myself to this dream 100%.  I have studied many different disciplines of crafting – some self taught and some while in college or in one off adult classes – my primary crafting areas include:

  • sewing
  • knitting
  • painting
  • costume design
  • photography
  • ceramics
  • jewelry
  • soap
  • candle making
  • sculpture
  • papier mache
  • the list goes on and I try and learn new skills often
Collage of Costumes

Collage of Costumes

I am the Creator!

Well, fraggle. let’s see. Me, I’m a 45 year old, goth tribal crafty mom who loves dragons, glitter, day of the dead, purple, books, and fantasy.

I am easily distracted – Oh look! SHINY!  And… prone to random non-sequitur outbursts.  I may have been a drag queen in a past life – it would explain a lot. I’ve even dreamed about it. Any way, bring on the shiny!

I was the black sheep of the family… well goth sheep. Was very into punk/goth in the 80s – a horror to my conservative military family. Oh, yes, Army brat – lived in Europe for 7 years – have working knowledge of German and used to know French and Dutch as well at one point, I’ve lost most of it. Dad retired in Denver, Colorado – was there 1983 – 2016.  Much mellowed and now living in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ.

Belly Dancer Practically from Birth…

When I was 18 months old my parents were shoe shopping & sat me in front of a mirror in the store. I promptly raised my dress over my head and started rolling my stomach. When I was 5 they put me in belly dancing classes – it’s big in Texas.   Was once on a local TV station belly dancing to Steve Martin’s “King Tut” I broke out of an enormous egg at the beginning of the song. Weird. I continued belly dancing until I was about 14 & couldn’t find any advanced classes for my age so I taught for a while before I finally quit when punk rock overtook my soul.

Belly dance will always be a huge love of mine.  The evolution of the dance the past few decades, the amazing and beautiful ATS and Tribal fusion continue to inspire me. It is because of this love that I make belly dance or tribal bras.  While I no longer dance in a formal practise – joint issues – I still love going out to the goth club on occasion and dancing the night away.  Even though that frequently means it takes a day or two to recover.

I explore the background of many of my other products in my blog. Please check it out and if you’d like to receive notifications of coupons and sales please like my facebook page  www.facebook.com/darecrafts